Rishi Gandhi-Director/Creator/Cinematographer/Editor

A first generation immigrant of Indian descent moving between the Côte D’Ivoire, the UK, and US, Rishi Gandhi has spent years around the world but decided to make film his home. Rishi honed his skills on short film horror schlock, broadcast news, and documentaries. Mater Mortis began as a short story he wrote to help him process a traumatic experience as a young adult.

Dexter John Scott – Writer/Producer

Dexter John Scott wrote the screenplay for Mater Mortis.  Dexter faced similar challenges to Rishi, growing up with a bipolar parent, and was able to channel his experiences into the essence of the screenplay version of Mater Mortis.  Prior to this he got a degree in film with a concentration in screenwriting from Pace University.

Alex Torres – Producer

Alex Torres is an indefatiguable self-taught producer with an endless supply of grit.  He produced and got distribution for his first feature film: Nemesis. He has also worked on various short narrative films and documentaries as a producer, assistant director and behind the scenes photographer.  He is also one of the co-founders of the 6th Borough Film Collective in Yonkers, NY which strives to provide resources and connect filmmakers to one another in the Westchester, NY region.

Renzo Adler – Producer

A maven of the weird and the bizzare, Renzo is a writer/editor extraordinaire for the Film Festival Traveler, Zimmerit, and various pop-culture musings after working on the sets of horror films, Renzo Adler is also a longtime collaborator with Rishi Gandhi, co-producing short films and the web-series Beyond the Longbox. Renzo is a graduate of Fordham University, with a graduate degree in Digital Humanities from the CUNY Graduate Center. He has conducted panel discussions on pop culture for conventions and lives in New York City.

Morgan Jade Booker – Producer

In her civilian life Morgan works with children as an after school program director.  Her alter ego is that of a multidisciplinary artist who writes for the stage and screen, and performs as well.  Morgan has experience producing theatrical projects of all sizes, and her strong suits are maintaining communications between all the teams that compose a production.  She has an MA in Applied Theater!

Neal D. Anderson- Concept Artist

Neal Anderson is a freelance illustrator and drawing instructor from Detroit, Michigan specializing in comic books, character design and pinups. He is an avid fan of all things horror, whether it be films, video games, graphic novels or literature.