Leo Solomon as Rajan

Rajan is a young man struggling to deal with the effects “The Rot”has had on his mother, Alparna.  His sense of loss comes from her no longer being human and is compounded by his idealized remembrences of who she was.  He struggles to communicate and connect with his father who he partly blames for her current condition.

About Leo:

Leo Solomon is an actor, known for Veep (2012), Homeland (2011) and Blue Bloods (2010).  Has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Acting from the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University, New York City.

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Siraj Huda as Jyotin

Jyotin is a husband and a father doing the best he can with the cards he has been dealt.  He feels an overwhelming sense of lonliness now that his wife is “gone.”  Jyotin tries to shoulder everything, but it results in him struggling to communicate and connect with his son Rajan. This disconnect makes him search outside his family for understanding.

About Siraj:

Born in Orissa, India, Siraj Huda considers himself an accidental actor. He took an unconventional path to his acting career, milking cows in Nepal and teaching ice skating in Dubai on the way. After immigrating to the United States to pursue an MBA, Siraj moved to New York City where he has worked in publishing and as a software engineer. When the recession hit in 2008, Siraj discovered acting and never looked back. His varied life experiences contributed to his ability to get under the skin of the characters he portrays.

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Liza Ramdeen as Aparna

Aparna is remembered as an ideal mother by Rajan.  She is the nearly, but not quite, departed wife to Jyotin.  She was close to her son before her turn and beloved by her husband.  Who she is now is a husk of what was once a living breathing human. She is cared for by a nursing facility specialized in dealing with the ‘rotted’.

About Liza:

Liza is an aspiring actress from Long Island, NY.  This is her first film role.